Who Are You?

“Who Are You? ooh -ooh!; ooh -ooh!    (Theme from CSI)  Many of us turn to friends and loved ones to obtain feedback as to “who we are” based on the personna that we project to them. Most of us can tell you how many polyps we have on our large bowel. . .but ask us for a short explanation of our attitude, long-term outlook, state of sanity, or who we are? Not a clue!

I recently asked a friend who he was; the response?  “I”m just pretty much a normal guy, you know.”.

Oh yeah? What’s normal?  In this day and age, what defines “normal?”

How about: “I’m married, got three kids, got a decent job, I have a large mortgage, drive a Prius, and I play a little golf in my spare time.”

Sounds like an elevator speech from a contestant on Jeopardy, doesn’t it?

Can we go a little deeper. . . .

“Well, I’m about 15 pounds,overweight, cholesterol’s a little high, perfect blood pressure, I wear prescription contacts, and I work out three times a week; oh yeah, and my dermatologist says that the ugly lump on my arm is just a sebaceous cyst.”