Thoughts For The Morning. . .

Thoughts For The Morning. . .

Habitual acquiescence will sabotage the soul
Mutual compromise will set it free
Good – faith negotiation will enervate the mind
And Greed will forever exact its toll

Habit is a perfect circle, life is not.
Spontaneity is life’s treasure found
Repetition is safe, soon predictable, and comfortably certain
The long arc that life takes, is, and should be, is ever changing.

An optometrist can fix our eyesight and make it crystal-clear
But there’s no assurance that we will ever actually see.
A clergyman can work hard to repair our insight
But there’s no guarantee that we will utilize it to become compassionate, loving and inclusive

How frustrating must it be to give freely of the tools
And fail to see a finished product!

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink!