The Angels Are Here!

The Angels Are Here!

By David Johnson

Real angels have no wings or things

They walk among us every day

You couldn’t tell the difference –

We’re alike in every way


You see, an angel doesn’t know

They’re different from the rest

That they’ll be singled out some day

To come forth with their best


God’s Angel ‘sleeper cells’  are here

Disguised as you and me

And when he needs us, he will call

Most clearly, you will see


And we will rise to answer him

And execute his plan

And give our all to meet the need

And serve our fellow man


I thought they came from Heaven

In answer to each call

In truth they are already here

His angels one and all


So stand up with your head held high

And join our eager throng

Then, venture forth to prove your worth

In righting what is wrong!