I’ll Be There

I’ll Be There

by David Johnson

Death, to me, is not an end

It’s but one step of my journey

You think I’m gone, but I’ll press on

And be there by your side


I’m not just happy memories

That you may gladly resurrect

No longer flesh and blood, you know

But much much more than you suspect


I’ll be there, my dear with you each day

Still caring, sharing, vigilant

Until that day you can stand alone

And proudly take your chosen path


I’m the raindrops on your windowpane

The perfume in the evening breeze

The pollen on a springtime day

I’ll always be beside you


You made me whole, you shared your love

And now you feel alone and spent.

As you try to make some sense of this

While wondering where life’s magic went


You shared my journey, graced our home

And made it such a happy place

But rest assured, I’m with you now

In spirit through God’s grace


And to my friends and loved ones dear,

Please hearken to my words this day,

And keep me in your memories

I’ll naught be far away