Gayle Wood’s Icebox Pie.

Gayle Wood’s Icebox Pie.   #4

by David Johnson

The day has dawned

The air is cold

My body aches, I’m feeling old

Too old to dance, too young to die

But I sure could use some icebox pie


Yes, Man invented this dessert

And God invented Gayle

That combo in the Devil’s hands

Could land a hungry man in jail


Bruce didn’t put me up to this

Of that you might be sure

But if she made us each a pie

Her legend might indeed endure


With cracker crusts and chocolate filling

She holds the key to bliss

But only if she’s really willing

To do a job like this


I’m sure this is my last request,

Words I claimed I’d never say

Asking for that blessed pie

On this most precious blessed day


Tornadoes rumble through the lands

And mayhem seems to rule the day

This placid cook with willing hands

Can make these specters slink away


Just come with me and taste that pie

That has driven men berserk

I know that you will love it too

When Gayle Wood goes to work!