Life Is But A Dream 

Life Is But A Dream 

by David Johnson

When you came here to this place

You carried dreams with you

And, now I ask, did they come true?

Or were they lost, or just misplaced

In the details of your journey


Or are they now just flotsam

On your life’s beleaguered shore

Or did you hide them deep inside

To view them never more. . .


Have you shared them, have you bared them?

Held them up to scrutiny?

Or did they merely drift away

Hoping to be found someday. . .or


Did childhood nightmares come to be

The crux of your reality

What kind of hope has life infused

To buoy up your eroding views


What satisfies, and brings you peace,

And goads you on to excellence;

Remember, friend,  remember well

Our hopes and dreams trump life itself!