The May Fly

 The May Fly

(The May Fly… has a life span-two days)
By David Johnson

Why, oh why, do you weep Mrs. Fly

Why in the world are you crying?

“Cause I’ve only two days to ponder the ways

To deal with the fact that I’m dying.”


Oh my, Mrs. Fly what a terrible task,

Don’t take time to ponder your plight

Everyone’s dying,  just slower than you,

So take joy in ‘fighting the fight.’


Just live your life to it’s fullest, my dear

Although you may have but two days.

Live and love and soar without fear;

Nature will show you the way


Your life may not end to resounding applause

And few will know that you’re gone

But your role in God’s epic is precious because

Your example will ‘ever live on