I Believe!

I Believe!

by David Johnson

Def:  Pollyanna – Defined as possessing an unrealistically optimistic point of view.

I have never perceived myself to be Pollyanna, and I am not.   I am, however,  undeniably, an optimist.  I totally embrace the supposition that people will attempt to be the best they can be, given their circumstances and opportunities to do so.  I believe that our most rampant embodiment of evil is complacency.  I also believe that people ‘give up on themselves’ long before God allegedly abandons their cause.  I personally believe that God never abandons us.  I have lived almost eighty years and have never lost my somewhat naive childhood illusions.  Inside of me dwells a true idealist, and a sheltered heart (damaged, patched, but untainted).  I have never hated, or, as far as I know — been hated.  I am not an elitist, and I will quickly draw away from those who, I perceive to be.

I believe that my God is reasonable, kind, fair, and non-judgmental.  I believe that he doesn’t value any one race, ethnic group or religion over another.  I do believe that he holds all mortals and living creatures in high esteem, but still responsible for their actions.     Since he/she is heavily vested in our individual creation, he is aware of our innate, individual capabilities, and does not push us beyond those limits.  I think that his expectation is that we appreciate and value one another, as well as the world into which we have been placed.  God plants the seeds; the growth process is indeed, up to us.  Even though I have spent a lot of time searching for “the big answer” I don’t think that I am destined to stumble upon it.

I believe that the answer is right there in front of us, and that it has been right here since the very beginning.  We must deal with our own spiritual myopathy in order to recognize the obvious and find our way.  I believe that our lives are sometimes spent just gaining this clarity of vision; then, and only then, can we pass onward to our next station.  Please join me, it’s an interesting journey!