The Gates

The Gates

By David Johnson

His last steps were grueling to the gates of the Kingdom

The climb was not daunting but the air was so thin

A host of his brethren stood waiting but smiling

But God was not waiting to welcome him in


“Must be a mistake” was his thought as he entered

Who are these people that are walking with me

Where are they from and what is the reason

They all look so joyous, serene, and so free


The huge gate was opened by a Buddhist and Jew

He was welcomed within by all colors and creeds

There were Muslims and Catholics and Lutherans too

As a doting young Baptist did see to his needs


Their hearts were sincere, their welcome extended

Their greetings were loving and warm

He searched for those signs of division and hatred

But these people just smiled, embraced, and moved on


Secure in their faith, and loving toward all

The Master’s arrivals extended their love

Their tongues, although different, were all comprehended

Translated of course by the Almighty above


And all of a sudden it occurred to him that

God’s warm welcome was there all the while,

In the guise of those dear souls who summoned him in

Souls diverse, now united, their fate reconciled


When we’re sent to this planet we are given a voice

To worship our God and creator

Though he has different titles he’s one and the same

We call him God or Ishvara, Elohim or Allah – Yahweh or Buddha or some holy name


Your lesson today should you wish to accept it

Is to judge not your neighbor, but offer your hand

For we’re in this together for the long term duration

In God’s wondrous and most incredible land