Some Interesting Things Occur based on The Aging Process

Some Interesting Things Occur based on The Aging Process

Your voice is just as loud as it ever was, but you find that fewer people are listening.

Because our priorities change as we age, we tend to diverge from the pathways of the young,
And travel the pathways that are deemed safest and more familiar to us
We are ignored as we delve into our personal  memories from bygone days.

Our younger counterparts think that they, themselves, will never die.  Conversely, as we age and see increasing numbers of our peers fall by the wayside, the reality of our own mortality  becomes more certain, and sometimes problematic to us almost every day.

Instead of being valued for our accumulation of wisdom and experience, we are, many-times,  devalued as being irrelevant, outdated, and stale.

Risks (not physical) seem easier to take when you get old; who’s going to fire you?  And, if you’re ostracized, what’s new?  So, many times, we find ourselves expressing our true opinion — no holds barred!

Folks seem to talk louder when addressing you (in the third person) even though your hearing is not (yet) an issue.

Younger folks fail to realize that inside of that graying exterior lives a soul as young — or maybe even younger than their own.  Terminologies change, but many times the basic instincts and responses don’t. We were all young once and, in most cases, that never really goes away.

Many senior citizens ‘shoot themselves in the foot’ by curtailing learning, curbing curiosity, and not keeping up with current technologies.  For many seniors, “byte” is still a verb;  something that has become more difficult because they have dentures, and “gay” means happy and joyous.