Not just Another Day

Not just Another Day

The skills of the surgeon, this day were trained
On the life and the health of the patient at hand
His team was alert as he cut and he suctioned
To the hum of equipment that we don’t understand

And people in cities spread over this nation
Were thinking good thoughts and prayed for success,
We’re interconnected by God and by family
Patiently, lovingly, sending our best

You lie in your bed as the drugs fade away
Trying to fathom what happened today
With bandages, dressings, and a hovering man
You’re one lucky lady, yes, and one with a plan

This day was one blip on the “big screen” of life
Some better, some worse, this is true
But one thing to remember as the years come to pass
Your loved ones will watch over you.

We love you, Carol, and know you will do well!