Non verbal messages received by your dog.

Non verbal messages received by your dog.

In less refined homes, a loud burp or two tells us that you, or most of you, have finished your meal.

A toilet flushing after bedtime, but before daylight –  tells us that someone over fifty is heeding the call, and it’s not time to stir and get started with the new day.

Somebody Ralphing in a downstairs bathroom around midnight tells us that you that Isabel and/or Ed Hightower REALLY enjoyed the dinner and cocktail party at the Nolan’s house.

The clanging of the keyring with the family car keys on it tells us that a ride is in order.  Wag tail, head for garage!

The filling of any set tub or deep sink tells us that some unfortunate dog is going to get a clipping and a bath.

A long sigh while retrieving paper towels and household cleaner tells us that some animal in the household has committed an indiscretion, and possible repercussions will follow.

If lit candles are dying in the sitting room and, Isabel’s bedroom door is closed, it means that Ed Hightower is visiting.

If no wine, beer or hard-liquor is served at a Friday customer appreciation happy hour, it is because Isabel has learned that one of our guests is an active member of A.A.

When Micah quietly leaves the house without excusing himself, he’s headed for the side yard.