Just Some Thoughts

By David Johnson

“A local fire company will deploy all kinds of resources to free a deer from a Barbed wire fence, or rescue a kitten from a tree, but not even flinch a day later when a starving homeless person dies in an alley.  A week later, when someone shoots the deer – nobody notices.  Double standard?”

“We are born to ride, briefly, on the Human Carousel. Only the human species realizes and deals with —  the fact that someday, we will have to get off.   Many of us may not choose to grab  the brass ring; just the quality and length of the ride proves sufficient.”

“The morning news is our “doorway to human mediocrity.”. There is no doorbell; mediocrity just enters on it’s own, settles in, and ultimately becomes the honored guest. . . .with the ‘human condition’ what it is today, most Americans should have a virtual suite in “intensive care.”

“Meals are tactical solutions, but meals are vital.   Like most pleasures, some are memorable, but none are long-sustainable.  But the taste of the hors d’oevres is never forgotten.  Is the same not true of pleasure?”

“The Kiss;   The never-never land where souls briefly met, and hearts were turned to trip hammers; the promise of future moments hung heavy: but then it was gone …”

“The mirror has lost it’s admiring embrace.

It hardly knows this aging face.

But has the the magic truly gone?

Or just retreated to our core. . .

Lest our soul become heavy with our woes,

we must let our carefree moments lighten it and expose

it to the sunshine and fresh air.”

The soul is the nucleus of our tapestry of life, we nurture it, craft it carefully and hopefully it will serve us well until it is time to move on . . . and overlay it with our experiences, and, lest we smother it, we beckon it into the daylight.”

“Growing old;  What do we have to lose? Some of us find our voice when the stakes have finally grown smaller.  And others simply stop their search and never find their voice at all.”

“Our world wears no real armor;  everything is ‘out there’ exposed and waiting to be harvested, but a desperate mankind is constantly trying to find the niche to ferret out it’s answers.”

“How we look at, and get caught up in — minutiae. Minutiae is the tar-baby of life. Why do we sweat the small stuff while letting the most important issues pass us by?”

Surprise in her eyes; rapture in her heart
“You ignored – the only one – who truly loved you.”.
You basked in the light of the admiring glance.
And you outlived your golden moments

A Day Like Any Other Day

The day you wake up with no horizon, one of three things has happened:
    Your ship has sunk
    You’ve gone blind
    or Hope has sailed away in the opposite direction.

“Cyberspace is our new window to our world. Some of us keep our blinds drawn, while others breathe in the fresh air.
Does our new window in Cyberspace finally – allow us to “view the beast.”
Or are the views afforded, shaped by the Cyberspace guardians?  Who are THEIR guardians?”

“Engineers are young men who got “old” too young”.

“As we grow older, we come to realize that: Most absolutes… aren’t!  There are SO many shades of gray!”

“Beauty is the tinder that lights the spark, the mind is the fuel that makes it blaze.”

“We set our own thresholds for the acceptance of pain, grief, love, and happiness. We either accept it, let it in, or live in denial.”

“Riding on the edge of the lava-flow of life.  You can get burned, but the trip will kill or cure what ails you.”

“How Old Is Too Old?  When we finally fail to understand and deal with, the process; when our inner child dies and we become just a “spectator.”

“Play coefficient.  After our teenage years, there is no rational explanation for an active play coefficient.  Yet, our ability to continue to play is what keeps us young and alive.  Joy and play?  No tangible, practical result.”

“When “Democracy” settles in, and becomes an ‘art form,’ we are truly upside down.  Democracy is most alive on the ragged, desperate edge of life.”

“Who turned the light out at bedtime? What are our biological inequities?”

“Most tools, games, vehicles, and appliances come with an owners manual and/or an operating manual.  We don’t. We were turned loose with a free will. Various religious sects wrote lists of rules to quell anarchy and create a level playing field for the average vulnerable being. Laws were written to control the poor and laws are enforced to protect the rich.

“The entree’s fine, but, don’t forget the appetizers!  Elliot Spitzer. Al Gore.  John Edwards, Anthony Weiner had their entrees, but had to find their desserts and appetizers elsewhere.  They went somewhere else for the dessert.  Where do sex and love diverge? Or, do they?”

“Love, sex, and procreation.  Why men stray.  There must be the element of play.  Meat and  potatoes are sometimes not enough; the aperitifs many times dictate the tone for the entire meal and remain in our memory forever.  The perils of building a ‘brand.’.  Who turned the light out at bedtime?”

“The Man With The Mind of A Have-A-Heart Trap.  Do “good guys” really finish last? Are there consequences to not acting on impulse?  Do we ‘think’ things to death, and miss the engagement? What price do we pay for caution and forbearance?  Does caution dull our blade?”

“Open to flattery, blinded by guile;

makes us feel happy for just a short while.

Men are like children, easily led.

Feed them, seduce them, and take them to bed!”


Is “available” vulnerable?