Harm’s Way (To Erik)

Harm’s Way

As a father, if you saw one of your little children, in diapers, straying very close to fast moving traffic on a busy highway, you would run to him, snatch him up, bring him to safety, and, perhaps, “tan his little hide.”

Believe it or not, being a father to a son – not in diapers- forty seven years old, is not all that much different.  I am very worried, very frightened, and really somewhat helpless when it comes to exercising simple logic or control over a 47 year old man that I have always nurtured and loved.

Your current weight gain is not only dangerous, but the results are deadly, and entirely predictable.  The sort of eating that you must be doing is tantamount to “suicide with a spoon.”  This isn’t your doctor, priest, or cardiologist talking; it is your father, and I have known you longer than anyone else on earth, with the exception of your dear mother.

You are most fortunate to be marrying a lovely lady from a wonderful family, and you have a very special future ahead of you.  If you look at it realistically, you have 50% of a humanlifetime left to find the happiness and fulfillment that was lacking in your first marriage.  Many men don’t ever get the grand opportunity that lies ahead of you today.  Please don’t compromise it by becoming a mere statistic on the human mortality tables — because of a dumb food addiction.

I can definitely understand the problem first-hand due to the fact that I have ALWAYS been weight-challenged.  Believe me, I can merely drive by a doughnut shop or bakery and gain five pounds.  This is just the way it is, and it will probably never change.  Just eat sensibly, love relentlessly, and devote your energies to the lovely new family which is investing their faith and love in Erik Loughrey Johnson, and never forget the other two lovely and special families that have already invested their love in ELJ.

In this life, it isn’t just “all about you.”  With luck, you will touch and inspire many others around you. You certainly have touched, inspired, and made mom and me proud.  Don’t let yourself down, because in doing so, you would be wasting a beautiful life.  Pop