A Puppy’s Fervent Wish

A Puppy’s Fervent Wish . . .

By David Johnson

I didn’t actually ask you to love me, but if eyes could beg, mine were already begging when you first stopped to look at me.  After all, I’m just a dog and I am incapable of speech.  But you saw that look in my eye, and felt my warm breath on your face when you first bent down and lifted me up.  You knew that I would be the one!  I knew right then and there that if I had to leave the warmth of my Mama, you would provide the home I need.  I am just a dog . . . but I know these things . . .

Just let me guard your home,  protect your children, lead your blind, perform my silly antics on your living room floor, or just sprawl out and sleep on your porch step and I’ll feel well rewarded and complete.  A kind word and a little pat will never hurt either.  Oh, and did I mention dog treats?

My needs are few, my blessings are many, my love is unconditional, and I’ll always try to be there to watch your back!  And I’ll stay with you until it’s time for one of us to leave.  If you could only see what I can see, we will have a great future together!