A Boy and His Dog

A Boy and His Dog

By David Johnson

The boy fed the starving dog and it did not die..

The boy was the 8 year old son of a local politician

The Republicans asked if the dog was pedigreed or “merely a mongrel.”

The Independents asked why the dog was starving in the first place

The Democrats asked if any of the food came from China

The Republicans asked  if the dog had been properly licensed and tagged.

A mixed Congress questioned whether the Republicans could really deport the dog , and argued over the question for three weeks, and then went out on break.

The boy asked if he could just simply keep the dog and give him a home

The Republicans had told the boy not to feed the dog until its legal status was confirmed.

The dog relapsed and finally succumbed to starvation

The boy looked up at his father with tears in his eyes ¬†and asked, “What just happened?”

His father replied, “You just saw Democracy at work.”